Wellness/ SPA & Cosmeceuticals- from NATURE with LOVE!

  • the ancient name of Sweetgrass means "Holy fragrant grass"

  • leaves of Canadian Sweetgrass do not have rigid stems. They are more aromatic and slightly different from the rest of the Sweetgrass family, growing up to 1 metre long

  • This plant is harvested by cutting grass in early to late summer

Welcome to JOY GRASS COMPANY, offering YOU a forgotten secret from the Mother NATURE.

We are a Canadian company, with a mission to bring one particular plant closer to YOU, and in essence to the whole world. This plant is called Sweetgrass, or Holy Grass for short. Because of its unique marketing characteristics, we have decided to name it the PARADISE GRASS.  

Why so unique and so important?

PARADISE GRASS  is one of the most aromatic grasses in the entire world, growing only in the remote Boreal Forests of Eurasia and North America. Having a highly pleasurable and very unisex aroma, it may be easily considered as a royal grass among all other grasses. According to numerous archaeological studies, this grass is traditionally associated with the positive energy of Mother NATURE and closely attached to North American Indigenous cultures for at least 15,000 years.

With great advancements in Neuroscience, Cosmetology, Wellness & Rejuvenation technologies, now is the perfect time to successfully bring PARADISE GRASS and its amazing aroma back into our busy lifestyles. Please feel invited on this special QUEST!